These are my concepts which I’ve developed after selecting 3 of 5 of my rough ideas and preliminary concepts, Most of my designs are based with a globe as the main theme as I found it the easiest to work with and it satisfies most of the requirements for the project.

In this first design I wanted to use a widely accepted symbol of communication the “cellphone”,  in order to emphasize “shrinking the planet” I made the phone and the planet to around the same size and placed wide swooping arrows coming from around the world to pointing at the cellphone symbolizing that the cellphone brings people together and distance is not longer a problem.

In my second design I wanted to use the globe in another way and also to use another accepted symbol of communication a headset, the headset for me symbolizes the communications aspect and the size of it compared to the globe fulfills the shrinking of the world and bring people together. One thing that i noticed from my first design was that the profit aspect is not noticeable enough so I made it a point in my second design so theres the bar graph in the background, it can either be a bar graph or a line graph but for the concept i chose to go with a bar graph so i can make use of the color red to make the globe pop from the image.

This is my third and final concept  design, I have to say that this didn’t turn out how the first rough was like but the idea is still there. A globe with a wide arrow warping around it with a $ symbol on it representing profits and or bringing people together ad shrinking the word, riddled with little communication towers in the little globe to represent mobile technologies with the communication towers themselves.