In my final concept I had decided to use elements from all 3 of my presentable concepts because I believe that they all held good qualities. So in my final design I kept the design of the globe to signify “Global” and with it I kept the headset which for me represented “communication, I also decided to keep the graph background because I really didn’t want to use a dollar sign but unfortunately that was all I could think of that would cover “profit” so once i had those elements decided i found that it looks very bland and boring so i decided i should give it a interesting background o which i made a glowing ball of green smoke in the background of the globe. Green because it is the color of money so to bring out the idea of profit just in case the graph in the background wasn’t enough. Now that I’ve finished it I think that I may have made the globe slightly to large because I find it’s a little dominating even if it’s the main focus and I could have had more of the glowing lines around the globe but I didn’t want the globe looking like it’s the atom icon rather then a globe. Overall I like my idea of whats happening in my image but something doesn’t sit completely right with it yet in my mind I feel like I may have put too much stuff near the centre of the image so I’m creating too much chaos.