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In my final Image I choose to go with my original image with the barrels on top of the wagon because to me it represents the distillery district the best out of all of all of my presentable concepts. My design didn’t change much from it’s original idea but I had decided to add color blocks consisting of colors from the image itself to help define the text rather than have the text be lost in the image or have text that stood out to much. I ran into trouble printing due to the fact that I do not have access to a proper print so I had to outsource my printing and the image was printed with a border which was not intended so I ended up sacrificing some of the art and lose a bit of the text. Overall I’m happy with how it looks like but if I had a chance to reprint my mounted image i would make sure nothing got cut off cause I like the image


After taking a look at my preliminary roughs I picked out 3 of them that I developed into concepts, though I had a 4 th concept but I realized after rendering it into color that I couldn’t find any text that would suit the image or vice versa, so I decided to leave that one out of the package I would hand in.

I’m confused as to why the scanner took the pictures slanted, but that aside you can still see what the images are like. In the concepts themselves I tried to follow what you’ve suggested about leave negative space so but in order to do so I had to crop some images differently and in one of the concepts I brought an addition of a banner frame on the top and bottom for the text. I am still leaning towards my first or second concept because I find it suits the idea of the distillery the best and I look forward to improving.