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I forgot when this was taken but it was in the hard drive I have no idea who made it or for what reason or meaning but the Beaver with the sunglasses is pure awesome. The rest I don’t care to much for because it’s just ridden with tags mostly illegible tags other than the white 3 letter text that I can’t quite make out.  To me it seems like the 3 letters and the beaver  are part of the same piece but I may be wrong. What I like about this one is that the Beaver with the sunglasses is so well rendered in black and white, and there is that weird looking face that I see very often around Toronto that is covered by what seems to be a big white “E”.



Yep facebook the website is pretty straight forward, social networking and what not, posting videos and pictures all fine and dandy but once you get to the mobile applications you start seeing problems. You lose all video features along with hyper linking to flash sites due to most 3g mobile phone aren’t able to run flash player, though home brewers have proved the iphone 3g after the 3.0 firmware upgrade to be able to run flash in a stable setting so I don’t know why they chose to leave that out but all that aside facebook is probably one of my most frequented apps and I find that the text is ledge able and the buttons maybe a little poorly placed for my fingers but the text reads fine and the scrolling is pretty neat and smooth and the clever facebook idea of turning your categories into apps icons in a block layout. It’s well organized and all but I can’t help but feel that the design and layout of the website is lost in the transition to the mobile app as you lose a lot of the white colors and it’s a mass of blues rather than variants.

Tripe Leaf Tea company’s “Horny goat weed tea” for male vitality a Yang herbal tonic, I found this at a local grocery store nearby my apartment called Oceans, It’s  new chain of grocery stores that is said to import many goods over from Asia. I was out looking for some tea and I came across this vibrate light blue package which stood out in the aisle and let alone the text, they caught my attention and against my better judgment my natural curiosity had me walking back to the aisle at the end of my shopping to pick up a box.

The Bad

The biggest thing that gets to me with this packaging is after you get over the fact that they named it “Horny Goat Weed” in white text capitalized with a solid black drop shadow on a block of vibrate light blue, there is a block of beige that overlaps everything  the column/vertical text on the right that reads “Ancient Chinese Medicine” boxed in by a red border I spent most of my time trying to read that rather then look at the rest of the packaging I hardly even noticed the Herbal tea, All Natural, and Caffeine-Free skewed banner on its left.

The Good

This package does what it’s supposed to, It gets your attention or at least my attention right away when I stepped in the aisle. The colors make it stand out in a crowd of similar products and the text itself the word “horny” labeled on a tea package will bring you to a halt and make you double-take.

Char Siu House

Yes, an Asian bakery in the lower end of downtown known for their completely over parked roads and the 2 lane turned barely one and a half lane traffic, aside from the street being completely impossible to park on the bakery did something pretty smart not only did have a store banner it also had a over-hanging banner for the sidewalk ,which really helped to identify the store from others. I like this store front because it displays all the required information is completely legible, as a comparison I’ll used the banner behind it for the flower store.

Other than the word Flower in dark yellow I have no clue what else it’s about and if I’m not mistaken is that a 2 I see? “Flower ????2” sounds like a video game, whilst the bakery has the store name in English along the top then the Chinese character going along the centre and then the phone number riding on the bottom, all the necessary information all at once. as a side note “Char Siu House” basically translates to “BBQ Pork Bun House”.

Tako Sushi Take-out Menu

For my typography that I use each day I chose a Takeout menu that I picked up from one of my favorite sushi place in Mississauga where I live, Tako Sushi. the restaurant itself gives a very modern but homely feel so I believe their choice of a natural brown as the majority of the cover pages a safe choice. the text layout is very basic and gives all the necessary information Name address phone number and deals but I find that their choice of placement needs some work as one of the ladies in the right seem to look like she’s attempting to eat the “Save up to $25 coupons inside!”

Aside from all of that the logo Tako Sushi with its white to gold gradient text and solid black drop shadow looks much too cheesy and I find it does the restaurant no justice, I’m wondering if I should offer to help them redesign their takeout menu as I feel they deserve something better but I haven’t decided.