Char Siu House

Yes, an Asian bakery in the lower end of downtown known for their completely over parked roads and the 2 lane turned barely one and a half lane traffic, aside from the street being completely impossible to park on the bakery did something pretty smart not only did have a store banner it also had a over-hanging banner for the sidewalk ,which really helped to identify the store from others. I like this store front because it displays all the required information is completely legible, as a comparison I’ll used the banner behind it for the flower store.

Other than the word Flower in dark yellow I have no clue what else it’s about and if I’m not mistaken is that a 2 I see? “Flower ????2” sounds like a video game, whilst the bakery has the store name in English along the top then the Chinese character going along the centre and then the phone number riding on the bottom, all the necessary information all at once. as a side note “Char Siu House” basically translates to “BBQ Pork Bun House”.