Yep facebook the website is pretty straight forward, social networking and what not, posting videos and pictures all fine and dandy but once you get to the mobile applications you start seeing problems. You lose all video features along with hyper linking to flash sites due to most 3g mobile phone aren’t able to run flash player, though home brewers have proved the iphone 3g after the 3.0 firmware upgrade to be able to run flash in a stable setting so I don’t know why they chose to leave that out but all that aside facebook is probably one of my most frequented apps and I find that the text is ledge able and the buttons maybe a little poorly placed for my fingers but the text reads fine and the scrolling is pretty neat and smooth and the clever facebook idea of turning your categories into apps icons in a block layout. It’s well organized and all but I can’t help but feel that the design and layout of the website is lost in the transition to the mobile app as you lose a lot of the white colors and it’s a mass of blues rather than variants.