Tako Sushi Take-out Menu

For my typography that I use each day I chose a Takeout menu that I picked up from one of my favorite sushi place in Mississauga where I live, Tako Sushi. the restaurant itself gives a very modern but homely feel so I believe their choice of a natural brown as the majority of the cover pages a safe choice. the text layout is very basic and gives all the necessary information Name address phone number and deals but I find that their choice of placement needs some work as one of the ladies in the right seem to look like she’s attempting to eat the “Save up to $25 coupons inside!”

Aside from all of that the logo Tako Sushi with its white to gold gradient text and solid black drop shadow looks much too cheesy and I find it does the restaurant no justice, I’m wondering if I should offer to help them redesign their takeout menu as I feel they deserve something better but I haven’t decided.