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This is a ad by KayaKing found in a magazine that I found completely hilarious, basically it’s an ad for their “Jumbo” peanuts where in this case elephants were enjoying some of these jumbo peanuts when one is choking on a peanut but after his friend preformed the Heimlich maneuver he was saved shooting a peanut through the air.

This ad works for me so well,elephants one of the largest animal out there and they are choking on peanuts that they love but they were to “jumbo” even for elephants so they must be large.


This is a billboard put up by Denver Water tell the public that they shouldn’t waste anything, and use only what you need because everything is valuable. Placed as a billboard along a road next to a express way to maximize exposure, and with the use of negative space works.

I believe this ad works because it’s almost completely visual and the impact it makes is great because most billboard ads take up the entire billboard where as this “use only what you need” bit with a space only large enough for the text only but leaving the rest of the the billboard bare.

A centennial college recruitment poster, I ‘m not sure but i believe i saw one of these series at the TTC subway but this one in particular stood out because I find the text to be strong and it works well for the purpose of telling people they can become more after going to college.

I feel it works but I feel that maybe another picture choice would have been more powerful rather than having a picture of someone who already resembles a student to portray a person who isn’t, maybe a person sitting in  front of their computer staring at a computer with junk food all over the place.

I’m not completely sure where this is from but when I saw this on one of the forums that I frequent I had to include it,  it’s a BMW ad which I found very interesting at first I though it was a Buffalo Jeans ads for clothing because of their past ads but after see the magazine of a 2004 BMW 3 series spread draped over the females face i couldn’t help but let out a laugh, the ultimate attraction indeed.

I believe that this ad works in the sense that it brings awareness to the brand BMW because the tag line “The Ultimate Attraction” fits so amazingly well, it’s completely saying that their cars are better then sex. It’s target audience is defiantly to males and it works for me.

MADD has done it again with this poster ad found in washroom all over with it’s all important placement beside the urinals where the poster of a vehicle collides, this picture is a compilation of how the poster is placed in public washroom in order for it to have maximum impact on by passers.

I feel this is one of the most effective ads I’ve found not only is it placed in an area where there is an absolute client base but also it in a place where occupants are usually looking for something interesting while they go on with their business.

This AD is put up on a billboard by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drinking) to bring awareness to drunk driving and that it kills and is lethal, this peticular ad will face heavily to parents who have waited four years with their kids to go through high school hoping to see them off at their graduation.

I believe this ad is very successful and that it works very well to terms of target audience and visuals, Though i’m not sure if it would be the best place to have it sure it’ll generate alot of attention but

This is Philips  ad for their carry around charger which carries 15hours of battery life with it to charge any of your electronic devices with any usb connectible devices or any usb adapter.

Believe this add is effective because it was placed in magazine at the time where George W Bush was in the worse of his presidency and was threatened to be kicked off his seat. The line they use ” Power4Life. For whenever you lose power” works perfectly in this case

This is an Adidas ad to counter the huge amounts of bootleggers who were copying their shoe models and brand trademark of the 3 stripes. This is another ad I found online from the Adidas website. The target audience is all people who are looking for quality shoes made by Adidas.

The Ad for me is very effective, it play with the fear or injury that one would have when playing sports and the possibility that “fake” footwear would cause you injuries.

The is an Ad put out by BMW the vehicle manufacturer, it’s an image of a dog who supposedly got pushed so far back into the seat during acceleration that it got sucked into the seat itself. This Ad was founds online in the ad box on the You website. The target audience would be males in their late 20s and early 30s, who look for power in their vehicle along with a European comfort interior.

In my opinion I think this Ad is effective in drawing attention from people flipping through pages, though I don’t find myself wanting to buy a BMW more then i did before but I defiantly made me aware of BMW and their sense of humor.

I was scrolling through the images while looking for something interesting that would catch my eye but at the same time I wouldn’t mind using myself, that is when I came across the Sensorica icon set. I found it caught my eye, but rather then with vivid colors and limitless shine it attracted my attention with it’s difference in tone value throughout. These icons are for a home desktop computer I believe it would replace all visual icons for files and all or most default applications on a Windows desktop. These icons are unified firstly by color they all use a gray scale and secondly their proportions are the same. The style is very modernistic, very clean, and doesn’t’ cause to much chaos in the icon itself, it makes it easier to pick out what each icon is for.