This is a logo Design for a winter jacket bag, I like the overall look and feel of it but I’m not sure it’s Typographic design but I feel that replacing the “a” in snowflake give it some merit to being typographic innovation? though I’m not sure if this is truly typographic innovation or not I still find the treatment of the text to be interesting and therefore I choose to talk about it. Aside from the obvious switch of the “a” for what seems like a illustrated baby seal the “b + a b” with it’s spacing makes me interest with it’s design and the complete left alignment of all the type makes me feel as though it’s unified. I feel that the design is successful because it’s a design for a winter jacket and the snowflakes in the background fit and make it successful , the odd spacing though weird and out of place in a way i find it bring more attention to it due to the negative space it creates.