With only one of my roughs chosen as the strongest of the 8 by my discussion group I decided to try further with 2 more to see how much further I could bring the design in hopes of my ideas sparking. As a result I pick the hash mark almost military design and the Cut and Paste design of mine and brought all three to light in Illustrator but as expected the Cut and paste really should have stayed on paper, I believe that the pose I chose was the major issue if I had taken a different pose that design may have come to be more resolved. The hash didn’t come out very well at all digitally  the design on paper sound but I believe that I used to many rigid line and they were to fixed to have any organic feel. Therefore I felt that I had lost the organic quality that I thought I would be able to bring into the digital version of that design.


With the two failed explorations I was left with one remaining concept, the diving goose was one of my top favorites from the beginning but as our professor pointed out the range of exploration is important when coming up with concepts, all that was left was to dive as deep as I needed to and have reached resolution for my design by the end of it was defiantly my goal. With a direction chosen the process in turning my hand drawn diving Canadian goose in illustrator was quite the task, having to define stroke to every line in an attempt to have it give off a sense of motion. I was difficult as I never had to deal with so many back and fourths. At last a came to a finish with a forward diving fade of a goose design with no word mark, I played with the thought of adding a revolving line to outline it more but I felt it got in the way of the movement I wanted to that was scraped as well. In the end my classmates pointed out that the folding of the gooses wings was reminiscent of buttocks, which now become the most pressing matter, on one hand I wanted the goose to be diving but on the other hand the wings couldn’t be folded inward or I would yet again depict buttocks  which was never my intention.


At last The idea came to me after touching on it on and off for about a week, Spread the wings but not to their full length but rather have it seem like it was spreading it’s wings and time had stopped. With this idea a new flow of ideas and different way of depicting it came to mind. At first I had the full goose with no tail feathers (depicted beside the original idea of the diving goose) Ending the body of the goose to abruptly made it feel not so resolved but at the time I had ignore the addition of tail feathers due to it being an abstract rendition. My second design came from simply removing the problem spot, and with it the problem I had with the body. It was the most illustrative way I could depict the National bird, keeping the long slender neck with a beaked tip and having it branch out into half spread wings  and not having the body almost gave it more movement. Afraid that having an open line might not be so appealing to others as it was to me I connected the two ending line together but it end up looking like a horseshoe. In the end before finalizing the logo I gave in and attempted to add more realism into the goose and the result were not bad and I liked it a lot maybe even more but I wanted the thought of movement and more importantly upward movement as in improvement and betterment so I stuck with the bodiless goose instead even though the ones with the tail feather were more accurate depictions I felt by having that there made the goose seem as though it was staying still and it would lose the message I wanted.