When thinking of roughs my direction was to go with a Canadian Goose as the icon over the current logo of Antarctica with “CANADA GOOSE ARTIC PROGRAM” rounding the circle. My first initial design stayed closest to the current and I want to explore what I could do with it, I removed ARTIC PROGRAM due to the visual appearance of the Canadian Goose jackets look Arctic Ready so I felt there was no need to have that repeat in the logo.

After a exploration into the current logo I started off with my Canada Goose Icon at first with a very abstract interpretation of the national bird, the flaw to this icon that I felt stood out the most was the fact that it didn’t really resemble the Canadian goose but rather it was more reminiscent of a seagull, though I admit I could have tried to illustrated the wings of the abstract bird into more of an accurate depiction but I felt it still wouldn’t fully represent a Canadian Goose.

The third logo I came up with was to have a more classic approach to the a depiction of a bird, also this pose of a bird allows me to depict the wings more so but still as a Canadian Goose it still leave too much room for interpretation. So I ended up scraping that idea, instead I moved back a step and stayed with an idea of a badge so the thought was military ranks and the hashes you receive when you rank up. so what I did was have a double Hash where I replaced the top hash with a abstract goose from its head to the wings to make the generic “V” shape.

The fifth Idea was based off my exploration into the flight of birds where I goggled Canadian Geese in flight and after looking through a multitude of pictures I finally found a picture that I had not seen before, It was a heli shot of the national geese in flight, it almost looked like it was diving. I tried my best to depict it like so but alone I was afraid it was too little but I added the word mark CANADA GOOSE along the sides of the gooses neck. I later discarded the words but I’ll cover that bit later.

The sixth was a more generic pose, but nothing like the regular wings up pose that almost every depiction of the Canadian Goose so I did a more flat flighted version. Again I wasn’t able stand having just the icon so I attempted to revive all the words from the current logo “CANADA GOOSE ARCTIC PROGRAM” this ended up looking to large and imposing and I couldn’t see this as a badge on the Canada Goose product line.

The seventh design was another deeper exploration into badges and what I could do, I started with a different shape than the ones I’ve tire previously so naturally I went for a triangle with of course CANADA GOOSE but it left a triangular space underneath it but with nothing to fill it with out of my imagination I choose to place one of my previous Goose icons into it thus adding a word mark to the icon and completing it into a badge. Though it felt like a valid idea I still didn’t feel innovative enough so I pressed on.

The last of my rough ideas came from what I like to refer to as Cut and Paste where I would overlap elements in the design to have some part covered but not so much to have it lose its shape or image, sadly I have to say it didn’t turn out to well. It ended up looking like a dead bird was skinned and placed on a table with CANADA GOOSE written on it. Though this was one of the more liked approaches from my group when we had a group discussion on our rough ideas.