Seventh generation being a eco friendly manufacturer or products had many very basic designs in terms of their boxes, though they function fine as they are I wanted to create packaging for them to stand out as well and not only serve the purpose of functionality. I came up with a few broadband package shapes and their individual functionalities.

The design direction I wanted to go with was lots of negative space with essential information only. So in short I wanted to package to appear as simple as possible when you look at it but have the shapes and functions of the packaging are the draw to the product. The logo was not to be repeated just one on the front of the package being the dominate visual on the entire package while the rest of the text and or elements placed on the packaging would be placed elsewhere.

I started off first with a design for the tissue box; I wanted a leaf shaped box that stood on its side which dispensed tissues flat from the tip of the leaf, though in my mind the design and package was sound I had trouble replicating it in paper. While sitting down and attempting to come up with a dieline for that leaf shaped box idea of mine I hadn’t considered the size of the package too much and as a result created a dieline that would require much more paper then an 12 x 18 sheet would supply. Even when creating the dieline I ran into trouble and it fought with me the whole time, I had decided to attempt to create packing with no glue so I had to configure my dieline in such a way that it allowed me to put the box together with slits and bands that interlaced. With the dieline thought out I attempted to create it in a reduced size with regular 8.5×11 but it didn’t work out very well, the interlaced bandings did not prove to be rigid enough and the box would end up tilting or collapsing. As a result I had to go back to the drawing board and attempt to create a different shape to the box in order for it to have a leaf like shape to it and still hold its structural integrity but in the end none of the idea I came up with at the time worked out so I decided to let the project sit for a while because everything that I was thinking up was not resolved enough for me to picture it working. I went back to researching what I could do with curve in boxes.

After a week for looking up and down on the internet and studying how to create boxes with curves and how to lay down dieline for them I went back to drawing roughs and as a compromise I went back to using flaps and glue so I don’t have to worry as much about the strength of the structure glue being glue it would hold all the corners well. Even though I settled with using glue I still wanted to keep it to a minimum or go only as for as the original package did with its usage of glue.

With the “no glue” policy removed from my thought process I was freer to attempt some more viable box designs, the first of which was to not only be the packaging but also double as a decorative piece where the top piece was curved to a point once again where the tissue is dispensed, unfortunately this design didn’t house the tissues to well due to the change in the shape, so I moved on and came up with a 3 sided curve with one flat side that was men to be the back of the package where you can place this on a table against a wall and it’ll have an appealing shape and still work and function as a tissue box or a dishwasher packet dispenser. Though I liked my second concept it wouldn’t never float because I found it resembled hotel lamp way too much and that clash of shapes did work well in my mind, if I could make the connection I’m sure others can as well

After that I had thought about making a box shape and have it work solely on function, a box where it not only house the content but also displays and all easy access to the contents without the need for fiddling. So form a regular rectangle prism box I started exploring what happens if a place a perforated line here or there and allow fold line in certain places, it worked out quite well with and opening hatch on the bottom off the box for the dispenser and a flip top opening for tissue box version. So I saved this design and moved on to more ideas the third of which resembled a roll of toilet paper where I planned to have the individual tissue sheet come out through a sealable slit on the side but with its shape it inherently came with some design difficulty as I would need to have separate piece glued together and therefore breaking the less to no glue idea I was going for so I ended up leaving that idea alone.

The fourth idea is a wedge of sorts, and through that came a design that I found unique where it would somewhat resemble an iron. Having the edge line of the wedge curve inward and bulking up the centre giving the inside more space for contents. I really liked this idea and the fact that the tissue sheet can still come from the tip of the box I liked it and it can also be wall mounted and it would be fine for that aswell.