All the smoke has finally settled and the tissue box stuck with oneof my more visually attractive deisgns, I call it the “Iron” due to it’s likeness but it serve both to be visuall apealign and functional on more than one diminsion as mentioned earlier in my previous post you can also wall mount it from the back and it functions jsut that same and it doesn’t even have to take up space on your desk. The dishwasher packaging rested on one of my more safer designs that still functions as well or better then their current box which has a open tab top, My dishwasher box also features a top tabed top but it also has a folded hatch on the front bottom of the package where you can easily dispense the dishwasher packets.

All in all my experience with this project was a constant up hill climb, where I would make headway with a new design but end up falling and dropped that idea but with what remained i was able to build a new design and layout. I’m happy to be able to have both made and I impressed myself when I put together the tissue back mock up and not ripping or tearing the curves.