When proposing my idea of a digital survival guide I came up with uses for a similar type of product that would cover a different demographic, what I came up with was have the programming be altered to use to immigrants and interested individuals who are looking for additional information or just information for a clear understanding much like a learning tool or rather the ultimate learning tool. I spend a few days thinking the product over and I finally settled on a series of 3, three versions of this ISES program. ISES was a name I chose after a lot of searching and experimenting with different word combinations, some of the better combinations that I put together is shown above.

That was my first step in terms of creating my package i thought the best step is to properly establish the brand ISES and to set exactly what my product is and what it does so I came up with a product write up of sorts for the 3 part series of ISES: Tactical, Explore, Learn which again you can see that I spent some time looking up what I would call each part of the series.

I.S.E.S. Tactical

The ISES Tactical system is designed for combat purposes, the main purpose of ISES Tactical is to optimized squad tactics and harmonize squad maneuvers. It allows all users to have access to a HUD (heads up display) that captures your surroundings in real time via GPS and projects squad movement option to the team leader, once an option has been chosen all subsequent squad mates will be relayed the chosen information.

I.S.E.S. Explore

The ISES Explore system is designed for navigational purposes, the main purpose of ISES Explore is to offer real-time navigation with smart point of interest allocation. With this program the user can have not only a top performance GPS navigation system but also have their device recognize points of interests such as restaurants, schools, emergency stations, etc. With the ISES Explore there will be no getting lost in the woods.

I.S.E.S. Learn

The ISES Learn system is designed for educational purposes, the main purpose of ISES Learn is to assist with educational endeavors and streamline the process of information gathering. When used with traditional means of research one’s own learning experience will greatly increase and without the added pressure from long nights of research. The ISES Learn is engineered for students of life therefore anyone can benefit from the advance information access of the ISES Learn program.

Once I had my product hard set on my mind I began exploring brand logo options, at first I was playing with what the program was meant to do: streamline, organize, and network. I started with a single 3D box shape which I linked and networked and I played with the perspective for a bit, I like how it looked but I wanted more value in it so I started setting darker regions and creating negative space and added touches of colors to create contrast. I decided to use colors to separate the three part of the series, I wanted to stick with the colors of the highest contrast to have the logo be the strongest element on the packages and everything else will sit in a secondary field.

At the same time I began working on some packages and dielines I could use to package my product, at this time I had settle on marketing my product in a memory stick but which type I had not decided but I wanted something common that most people would have device that have access to it. therefore making it user friendly.

I also started work on a secondary element for the packages where I would have a depiction of whom or what would use that particular product. It took me a bit of location scouting and persuasion in terms of getting models and permission to use their photos but finally last on in the week I had a few pictures to pick from and play around with but the 3 that I settled with are shown above though a the time I was iffy about which colors would fit which of the 3 of the series. Many of my problem with settling on a colors was that I associated green and blue with both military and education so naturally I was having a bit of trouble with my secondary element.