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Pedigree dog foods made a Ad that hilarious, we all know that dogs will dig through grass and ruin lawns but after this dog eats Pedigree dog food he can not only ruin your lawns he will dig through your pavement. I find this hilariously effective not only is it promotion the brand but also poking humor at the habits of dogs.


Qantas Airlines advertises themselves as the biggest and the most comfortable in the area, saying that they away said they had big ideas and having the image of their huge Airbus flying next to a small bi-plane so you get a sense of how large their airline is. I find this effective in saying that their planes are larger but I don’t see the how this makes their plane different from other airline companies.

FedEx/Kinko’s had this Ad going around New York where sidewalk curbs were colored yellow with a Gaint Yellow Marker and Walkways on streets were colored by a Gaint White-Out. These Ads defiantly bring awareness to the brand but I’m not sure how effective it is to bringing people to using their services.

Papa Johns Ad is hilarious unfortunately I never received this Ad at all but it’s a prank and a Ad all in one, it’s something you could joke about with your co-workers or friends so theres even a word of mouth aspect built in to it making it dynamic and extremely effective but i can see this annoying some residents and having this type of advertising banned regardless of how effective it is.

Mini Coopers were always looked as being tiny little things with not much to fear and for a lack of a better word a “girls” car so in order for Mini to increase their sales and reach a larger target audience they advertised the mini inĀ  cage like it was a dangerous animal but not only were they advertising it this way they actually released a supercharged version of the cooper the cooperS, I saw this and at first didn’t think much of it but on the side it had a panel that explained the mini has been “upgraded”

I picked this Sony PSP Ad because it’s out of the realm that most of the sony Ads are like this and is more connecting with the viewer mainly because the background is the same but with “fun” elements in it showing that with the PSP your view could look like this one being spiderman “in” reality, Motocross off-road,and someone shooting at you time for action. I find this Ad pretty good because in a sense it engages the viewer.

I’ve seen this around Toronto but I didn’t have the chance to take photos of it, luckily I found a picture online. Nike of course had to go over the top again with their AD this time with a man sprinting away from you but you can clearly see it seems like he had sprinted straight through the glass and into the poster, seems like the AD is saying that with Nike nothing can stand in your way you’ll keep doing what you want to do, so in a sense Nike will provide you “Freedom”

Another AD about drunk driver, I found this one online so I’m not quiet sure who or what placed it there but it has a strong MADD feel to it. A parking spot reserved for drunk drivers right into a tree, it’s amazingly effective because they instantly click that the result is there so you don’t even want to start because that is where you’ll end up parked in a tree.

Penline a duct-tape brand decided the best way to advertise their duct-tape was by showing it and by example, taping up a image of a single roll with 4 extra large pieces of their duct-tape. I feel this AD is very effective not only is it a great product show it also shows people how effective the product is and also what they are getting when they purchase it

Nike is renown for having some crazy Ads like the giant soccer balls and the shoes but this minimalistic approach to advertising is pleasing and it’s not something big only a black frame with the Nike check and the word RUN, I find this effective and saying that it’s right there in front of you and that you should take advantage of your environment and run.