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I was scrolling through the images while looking for something interesting that would catch my eye but at the same time I wouldn’t mind using myself, that is when I came across the Sensorica icon set. I found it caught my eye, but rather then with vivid colors and limitless shine it attracted my attention with it’s difference in tone value throughout. These icons are for a home desktop computer I believe it would replace all visual icons for files and all or most default applications on a Windows desktop. These icons are unified firstly by color they all use a gray scale and secondly their proportions are the same. The style is very modernistic, very clean, and doesn’t’ cause to much chaos in the icon itself, it makes it easier to pick out what each icon is for.

In my final Image I choose to go with my original image with the barrels on top of the wagon because to me it represents the distillery district the best out of all of all of my presentable concepts. My design didn’t change much from it’s original idea but I had decided to add color blocks consisting of colors from the image itself to help define the text rather than have the text be lost in the image or have text that stood out to much. I ran into trouble printing due to the fact that I do not have access to a proper print so I had to outsource my printing and the image was printed with a border which was not intended so I ended up sacrificing some of the art and lose a bit of the text. Overall I’m happy with how it looks like but if I had a chance to reprint my mounted image i would make sure nothing got cut off cause I like the image

After taking a look at my preliminary roughs I picked out 3 of them that I developed into concepts, though I had a 4 th concept but I realized after rendering it into color that I couldn’t find any text that would suit the image or vice versa, so I decided to leave that one out of the package I would hand in.

I’m confused as to why the scanner took the pictures slanted, but that aside you can still see what the images are like. In the concepts themselves I tried to follow what you’ve suggested about leave negative space so but in order to do so I had to crop some images differently and in one of the concepts I brought an addition of a banner frame on the top and bottom for the text. I am still leaning towards my first or second concept because I find it suits the idea of the distillery the best and I look forward to improving.

My designs are based off how my pictures were taken, the plan is to integrate the text into the picture itself using intense colors to have it draw the eye. I wanted to have the text become part of the poster and image rather then having the text slapped on top, though I did make a couple roughs with the traditional text on top. The success of attempting to integrating the text to the image only work in 3 of the 5 images the so for the rest I’ll have to add a section or cover a section of the post for the text. Overall I wanted to incorporate the text as part of the image but in some of the images i couldn’t figure out a way to integrate it so I kept it traditional.

In the first rough that a drew I picked a picture of wooden barrels on a wagon which i thought went well with the Oktoberfest event so I looked through the distillery district website to find the information on the pub which ended up to be Mill Street Brewers so the text on it was easily placed with the pubs address and company slogan. For the second rough I wanted to use a picture that had a bicycle in the foreground so i thought it would fit the bicycle and segway store located in the distillery district so again I choose to use their slogan on the poster as it’s statement and store information for supporting materials. and for the last 3 they are all themed around the distillery district as it’s focus for text and imagery.

In my final concept I had decided to use elements from all 3 of my presentable concepts because I believe that they all held good qualities. So in my final design I kept the design of the globe to signify “Global” and with it I kept the headset which for me represented “communication, I also decided to keep the graph background because I really didn’t want to use a dollar sign but unfortunately that was all I could think of that would cover “profit” so once i had those elements decided i found that it looks very bland and boring so i decided i should give it a interesting background o which i made a glowing ball of green smoke in the background of the globe. Green because it is the color of money so to bring out the idea of profit just in case the graph in the background wasn’t enough. Now that I’ve finished it I think that I may have made the globe slightly to large because I find it’s a little dominating even if it’s the main focus and I could have had more of the glowing lines around the globe but I didn’t want the globe looking like it’s the atom icon rather then a globe. Overall I like my idea of whats happening in my image but something doesn’t sit completely right with it yet in my mind I feel like I may have put too much stuff near the centre of the image so I’m creating too much chaos.

These are my concepts which I’ve developed after selecting 3 of 5 of my rough ideas and preliminary concepts, Most of my designs are based with a globe as the main theme as I found it the easiest to work with and it satisfies most of the requirements for the project.

In this first design I wanted to use a widely accepted symbol of communication the “cellphone”,  in order to emphasize “shrinking the planet” I made the phone and the planet to around the same size and placed wide swooping arrows coming from around the world to pointing at the cellphone symbolizing that the cellphone brings people together and distance is not longer a problem.

In my second design I wanted to use the globe in another way and also to use another accepted symbol of communication a headset, the headset for me symbolizes the communications aspect and the size of it compared to the globe fulfills the shrinking of the world and bring people together. One thing that i noticed from my first design was that the profit aspect is not noticeable enough so I made it a point in my second design so theres the bar graph in the background, it can either be a bar graph or a line graph but for the concept i chose to go with a bar graph so i can make use of the color red to make the globe pop from the image.

This is my third and final concept  design, I have to say that this didn’t turn out how the first rough was like but the idea is still there. A globe with a wide arrow warping around it with a $ symbol on it representing profits and or bringing people together ad shrinking the word, riddled with little communication towers in the little globe to represent mobile technologies with the communication towers themselves.

I was asked to to have 5 rough ideas and designs ready for class and withing nothing to work from and the themes “Mobile technologies are bringing people from the furthest regions of the globe together, shrinking the planet and increasing profits” the only base idea I came up with originated from the globe so all my ideas came from something revolving around the globe.

The photos were taken from my phone camera so the quality isn’t very good but it’s all I have at hand, the school scanners don’t seem to be working either (=.=)