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I found this picture in a gaming magazine called Nintendo Magazine, mostly consisting of Nintendo related news, things about there new technology coming out and current projects for which they are promoting and also a section where they display user created art and videos which are liked to there website online. This is one of the design that I found related to typographic innovation due to the type being warped a bit to build the form and body of one of Nintendo most popular characters “Mario” the type is warped and looks like the 80’s psychedelic style type but placed in a way that forms the basic body of Mario.


This is a logo Design for a winter jacket bag, I like the overall look and feel of it but I’m not sure it’s Typographic design but I feel that replacing the “a” in snowflake give it some merit to being typographic innovation? though I’m not sure if this is truly typographic innovation or not I still find the treatment of the text to be interesting and therefore I choose to talk about it. Aside from the obvious switch of the “a” for what seems like a illustrated baby seal the “b + a b” with it’s spacing makes me interest with it’s design and the complete left alignment of all the type makes me feel as though it’s unified. I feel that the design is successful because it’s a design for a winter jacket and the snowflakes in the background fit and make it successful , the odd spacing though weird and out of place in a way i find it bring more attention to it due to the negative space it creates.

This is one that was found in a magazine called PLEN a Asian fashion magazine, I have no ideas what the article is about due to not being about to read fluently but i felt that the type treatment earns so merit in typographic innovation, and I feel that the text is unique and it has obviously been altered to point out the body of text beneath it. I find that the typeface and treat to the type in general for the words Wire’s Magic! is successful to to it standing out amongst the rest of the type, for one it is treated with a different color treatment where as the rest of the type is in light gray or white causing the title to stand out, the second reason i find that it is successful it that when looking through this page you can tell that the title frames the rest of the article and brings the page in general together and creating cohesion.

Found this in the 10401 booklet and it caught my eye instantly mos likely the color choice was a major play on that end. White and Red is probably a common mixture in design but I like it a lot, it’s eye catching and makes what ever you place in white pop so much. This design to me is nearly completely random, I just one could argue that the test is some what aligned but i find near no system created on purpose but still it feels very organized and everything is legible.

Transitional System found in the 10401 booklet, I like this one because it’s something that I’ve seen a similar design of it implemented where I live as well. Again I like the color choice probably something with red and blue that just works for me, but the scattered yet organized treatment to the text is nice and i find it read well with the color shift.

Dilatation system found in the Graphics Design Solution, This design is very interesting to me cause it’s completely out of my style of work but I always wanted to implement this sort of thing to my own work, with the CMYK imprinting of the design repeated. As you can tell the text runs around the design, and it think it helps to bring focus the design as i can’t imagine how the design would look without a frame.

Radial System found in the Graphic Design Solutions Book, This design caught my eye really quickly with it’s high contrast level, Orange on Black usually spells Halloween for me but with the light blue and yellow accents I feel it helped it move away from that Halloween feel that i first felt, the text though brings me back to that Halloween feel so that maybe part of the designers rationale to his/her color choice but I feel that it’s successful and keep a sense of mystery with the silhouette as well.

This is a Bi-Lateral system found in the 10401 booklet, I was flipping through the pages and looking at the designs when I noticed a bi-lateral system used in the bottom portion of the text, I found it fit well with the over all design and keeps the piece organized but it gives it the feel of a restaurant menu. I think in this case a bi-lateral system suits the need and that it makes the overall design feel cohesive .

Axial System found in the Graphics Design Solutions Book, it’s a photo of a paper bag with it’s maximum volume written in red and blue on the outside. I find this design is quite interesting and I like the use of red and blue, it draws a lot of attention to it from the bland neutral blown of the paper bag. The placement of the body of text is really interesting, leveling to the top of the stroke in the baseline of the 2 is something I never considered but it make it feel more united I believe and having the “or” in blue makes that areas more attractive to my eye at least.


I forgot when this was taken but it was in the hard drive I have no idea who made it or for what reason or meaning but the Beaver with the sunglasses is pure awesome. The rest I don’t care to much for because it’s just ridden with tags mostly illegible tags other than the white 3 letter text that I can’t quite make out.  To me it seems like the 3 letters and the beaver  are part of the same piece but I may be wrong. What I like about this one is that the Beaver with the sunglasses is so well rendered in black and white, and there is that weird looking face that I see very often around Toronto that is covered by what seems to be a big white “E”.